Abacus Shade Structure designs find recognition at National Awards in Melbourne in 2012.

29 May 2012
Abacus Shade Structures scoops the BIG shade sail award.

In the magnificent Palladium Ballroom at Melbourne's Crown Casino, Abacus Shade Structures was delighted to take out two huge awards - High Commendation and the overall Winner in the category of Commercial Shade Sail or Structure in Australia for 2012. We could almost hear the elephants of Sydney trumpeting with elation.

The winning entry was a single mast structure entitled "Gung's Place".  Gung is a 10 year old Asian bull elephant living at Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo. Gung needed a distraction after being moved into a “bachelor pad”. The shade structure provides him with shade, a place to rub against and swing ropes and toys from. From a design aspect and probably the most important consideration, the structure had to be strong enough to absorb repeated impacts of 7 tonnes from multiple directions...and Gung still has a lot of growing to do. Zoo officials were pleased that the highly popular elephants' enclosure had received yet another accolade.  

Any success the company receives must recognise the efforts of the staff involved who take a personal interest in the company and its projects. The installers who worked at the Taronga Zoo found the antics of the big bull elephant quite comical as Gung tried to engage them by trumpeting and flicking dust and water about from his trunk as they worked in "his" space and he was kept a safe but short distance away.     

Abacus Shade Structures designed the new single mast structure, known as the Claw design, in response to requests from clients to maximise shade using the least number of posts. The claw structures are fully engineered and amazingly stable.  Claw structures are proving popular around home swimming pools as the single post can be placed unobtrusively near a side fence or into a side garden without restricting shade benefits nor views of the pool surrounds. They have also been installed in schools, clubs and child care centres.



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