Abacus Shade Structures has been operating in Sydney for 38 years. Abacus commenced building shade structure when the very first shade structures started to be seen in Australia in 1988. We saw shade structures for the first time in Australia at Brisbane World Expo and the Crocodile Hotel at Kakadu. With wide eyed wonder at these beautiful buildings we started experimenting with fabrics, designs and welding techniques. Soon our company was complementing its established tarpaulin and marquee business with shade sails. In time we grew from a small home business to being the most awarded shade structure company in NSW and haven’t looked back.

Abacus Shade Structures has built a strong reputation with repeat customers, an innovative approach, quality products and a preparedness to go the extra mile. Using only the best materials with top warranties we don’t cut corners.

The Directors are well known in the industry, networking with and supporting colleagues. Eric Moonen is an expert and guide to many new businesses.  Beatrice Moonen works on industry standards and meeting regulatory requirements.  She works closely with our national association The Specialised Textiles Association as an active board member and a former President. Between the two directors, they have met Prime Ministers, Ministers of State and Local Mayors as they lobby to strengthen, promote and improve the shade structure textile industry.

The team at Abacus Shade Structures are a vital part of the company’s success. They are continuously learning and honing their skills as they take projects from concept to completion. Our team is youthful and positive about the future direction of this company. We support a strong future workforce with schools training and apprenticeship development.

When looking for a supplier to entrust with your shade structure project choose the company with strong Australian business foundations backed by experience and a vision to the future. Abacus Shade Structures has had 38 years in the trade and  going strong.