Abacus Shade Structures continues to take precautions to prevent the

transmission of COVID19 in the workplace.

Six months down the track we reflect on what COVID19 has meant for our business. While the COVID pandemic was a difficult time I believe our company has come through the worst of it.  Abacus Shade Structures experienced a slowdown in April 2020 while we held our breath and waited to see the ferocity of COVID on the health of Australians, our economy, our business and anticipated the response from our government.  In our sector, textiles fabrication and construction, the potential for disaster was averted.

Orders continued to roll in, our industry was not forced to close and our staff numbers were maintained. We were able to continue operations while other sectors in the economy like tourism, hospitality and retail faced very tough times indeed and still continue to struggle. So too many countries in the world were and are still experiencing economic stress, pain and ongoing lockdowns.

Thanks to our clients who continued to place orders, our suppliers who kept stock rolling through and the Government which allowed a supportive & open approach to trading, we are moving towards a happy Christmas. We are not alone and similar comments are repeated by colleagues in our industry whose staff and workloads did not significantly contract and who are experiencing stability.

One thing echoed time and time again has been that for our economy to stay strong under such global pressures, a strong manufacturing base is an ideal direction to return to. Delivering Australian made quality products in times when overseas supply falters, supporting Australian employers who provide work for many families and a self-sufficient Australian manufacturing base are our way forward. Current Governments must lead with policies to reinvigorate our manufacturing base.

So, a big thank you to our clients, our suppliers and the Australian Government who have ensured that our sector of the economy remains resilient during these unprecedented times making  Australia a global showpiece of how to manage a health pandemic. Whilst we never want  to see another global pandemic in our lifetime and don’t know what is ahead, we know long term change is inevitable and that Abacus Shade Structures is here for the long term.