Omicrom is the latest blimp on the radar of business life.

Abacus Shade Structures is a resilient Aussie company that has stood strong for 40 years. In time COVID too will become just another blimp on the radar of our business life. Our resilience has continually been tested over the long term whether by labour shortages, politics, government red & green tape, extreme weather events, loss of Australian manufacturing industries, banking ups & downs, supply chain issues and technology changes.  The story of small business is one of growing in the face of persistent challenges.

Just when we thought we had worked our way through the impact of the Delta COVID variant on business along came Omicron with a host of new challenges. Immunised and safe COVID practises have been crucial.

The rise in positive COVID-19 cases in the early part of 2022 will impact labour availability and supply chains in our business and may delay projects. However, our main objective remains steadfast, and that is to deliver shade structures to schools, parks, councils, businesses, homes and clubs. Our phones and emails are active and work is progressing. Some who can work from home do so but as is the case in our manufacturing and construction business, most staff have to be on the work floor or on building sites.

We are taking precautions to protect customers and staff on work sites. Abacus Shade Structures has a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place, staff are trained in COVID safe practices and everyone here is fully immunised.

As the situation unfolds, we will monitor and work through lead times and maintain communication with our customers.  Your patience is appreciated during these unprecedented times.

These are challenges we all must manage in one way or another as no one is immune to the impact of COVID. Unfortunately, some businesses have not fared as well. Our business will become more resilient in a world of COVID and like other challenges, COVID will become just another blimp on the radar of business we have faced head on.