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Parks & Recreation Shade Structures

Abacus Shade Structures builds shade structures for Parks and Recreation uses. Shade Structures have dual benefits of protecting people from sun exposure and encouraging people to be outdoors.

When designing the right shade in Parks and Recreation we consider natural and built environment,  seasonal sun movement,  children’s playtimes and budget. Design concepts and engineering are always presented and discussed with clients ensuring clear communication of what is to be built. When working in public spaces, public access, vehicle movement, compliance and safety are important considerations.

Shade sails made from shadecloth and PVC mesh can be a colourful and practical addition to Parks and Recreation. We use high performance fabrics offering long warranties, strength and UV protection.  

Engineering.  Footings, steel  sizes, welding and tensioning of fabric have to be right.  At Abacus Shade Structures we encourage all shade structures to be engineered.

Trends.  Round framed  structures and patterned steel roofs are currently experiencing new interest in Parks and Recreational spaces. Bright coloured shadecloth shade sails are as popular as ever around playground equipment.



Managing consultation, compliance,  safety and engineering. 


The key to success with all stakeholders on Parks & Recreational projects.



  • Huge colour range
  • Shade or waterproof fabrics
  • warranty, strength, UV block


Team skilled in design, fabrication, project managing, welding & installation.  

Featured Parks & Recreation Project

Ryde Outdoor Youth Space

Three shade structures of 115sm were installed at a new skate park in Ryde, Sydney. The purpose of the project was to provide  aesthetics and functionality for playground users. Ryde Council designed the skate  playground with modern shade structures, gardens and expansive skate bowls to encourage outdoor recreation and support youth.

Client Btief

  • Hexagonal structures to correspond to the hexagonal plan of the playground.
  • A minimal pitch of 7-degrees in the structure roof.
  • Anti-graffiti paint to be used.


This is a one-off design.  The central mast of each structure is quite striking. The horizontal rafters of the ring beam are curved down to a five posted central mast.


Shaping. Every angle in the hexagon shape is unique. Angles went from acute to obtuse due to the 7 degree slope of the structure but the five rafters had to then vertically slot into a central mast. The repetition of elements proved effective.

Tensioning of the membrane over a hexagonal rim.  The fabric had to line up perfectly on the rim to look neat.  This is a fabric patterning skill.

The project exceeded expectations. Tradies onsite admired and were intrigued by the unique design. 

Abacus  Shade Structures enjoys one-off projects which explore new possibilities for tension structures.

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