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for Waterproof Projects


Valmex FR580

Mehatop N – 700

A white architectural grade fabric with a 20 year Warranty.  With an advanced molecular nano lacquer coating Mehatop N  is an ideal membrane for larger structures.

More Waterproof Fabrics

Hiraoka HG Series

White architectural grade fabrics. PVC with PVDF surface treatment.

Data and swatch available.


Verseidag TXA-Series

High quality 650 & 750gsm architectural membranes.

Data and swatch available.

Gale Canvacon

For industrial & agricultural liners, structures & covers.

Data and swatch available.


for Shade Projects

Monotec 370 

When only 100% Australian made shadecloth will do.  Monotec 370 is a superior shadecloth which exceeds Australian Standards for bursting and tensile strength.  UV protection to AS4178.  Extended 15 year warranty.

Gale Shadecloths

Supplying a wide range of premium quality shadecloths. The Gale Commercial range offers 50 options for Fire Retardent shadecloth.

Steel Colours & Treatments

The most common steel treatments we use are galvanising and 2 pack painting. Galvanising provides long term rust protection for steel. It is suitable for corrosive environments and for a high quality base for painting. We recommend galvanising for all steel. Steel roof sheets and guttering sytems using Colorbond from Lysaght

We use various paint treatments. A typical paint treatment is 2 pack Amine-epoxy  over a galvanised base. Used with galvanising the result is a hardened colour finish with long term rust protection.

Specialised paint treatments with warranties are available. We work with Lacnam, Dulux, Duralloy or Colorbond colours. See some of our paint colours below.