Use:  Commercial | Design: Cantilever

Leura Uniting Church

This project had heritage, climatic and Council conditions applicable. These parameters added to the complexity and duration of this project. 

Leura Uniting Church built in 1909 is in the style of Gothic Federation. It is a very beautiful church which attracts admiring visitors. As part of the heritage constraints, a new shade structure while functional could not impact on the building in any way and had to complement features and colours of the church.  Because of these restrictions, obtaining Council approval was quite lengthy.

The cantilevered structure was engineered to support snow loads in Leura as snow had damaged an earlier awning structure. The structure is positioned in a sunken courtyard. Gutters and downpipes were installed. 

The new shade structure provides shade from the western sun, and rain and snow protection. The church remains independant of the structure respecting its heritage.

Bright Grey in FR580 PVC

Steel Colour