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Schools, Education and Childcare Shade Structures


Abacus Shade Structures builds shade structures in the Education Childcare Schools sector.

Shade structures have multiple benefits in Education Childcare Schools and Kindergartens. They reduce UV exposure and potential for skin cancer to children in line with Sunsmart, Cancer Council and NSW Planning Department policies, whilst still encouraging outdoor play for social development and health benefits.

The right shade structure considers natural and built environments,  seasonal sun movement, playtimes,  health and budget.

Shadecloth sails made from shadecloth fabric are colourful and practical where shade is required. The bright colours are popular around play areas for younger children.  

In assembly areas, COLAs,  walkways or over sports areas, where rain protection and shade  matters,  waterproof structures are  more suitable. In this case PVC or Colorbond materials are used. 

From colourful shade cloth to solid white PVCs there is a choice of  performance textile fabrics offering offering long warranties, strength and UV protection for all education and childcare centre projects.  


Design Brief

Working with clients to arrive at solutions for effective shade in education & Childcare.


As the most awarded shade structure company in NSW we treat each project as a winner.



From colourful shade cloth or white PVDFs we only use high performance fabrics.


Staff have skills in welding, design, management, fabrication and installation.  

Featured Education School Project

Knox Grammar Cantilver


The project scope was to design and install a unique waterproof shade structure as a senior students’ study area at Knox Grammar, Sydney. The structure is 760sqm in overall size.

The space to be shaded was surrounded by austere red brick buildings on a second floor tiled courtyard. The courtyard was irregular in shape. A snaking cantilever structure design was proposed and supported by the client. Cranes were used to lift steel & materials over walls into position.

When working in a school environment, safety is paramount. Work times were limited to out-of-school hours and holiday times only.

Today outdoor spaces at schools are exciting and open to design possibilities. A wide variety of  material options are available and spaces are comfortable, multi-functional and aesthetic.

This unique space represents a forward thinking philosophy.

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