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Residential Shade Structures

Shade structures are an integral part of Australia’s domestic outdoor landscape and Abacus Shade Structures has been installing residential shade structures since 1981.

We all enjoy the great outdoors and shade structures provide aesthetics, weather protection and comfort. Abacus Shade Structures offers designs to complement your home. Whether you are looking for a cover over an outdoor patio, the family car or the pool,  shade structures will beautify and enhance the outdoor space you love most.

From start to finish Abacus Shade Structures offers a complete service. From design, engineering, council applications, manufacture and installation,  Abacus can take care of the lot. Our reputation is based on expertise, quality and satisfied “cool” customers.

Compare and you’ll see why Abacus Shade Structures is the most awarded shade structure company in NSW.

Contact us and let us make your outdoor shade sensation happen. Summer is just around the corner.

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Let’s work together to get it right. Communication is key to a successful shade structure.


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High performance shadecloth and PVCs with warranties, strength & UV protection.


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Featured Residential Project


The project is a 7m x 7m offset claw umbrella. It is made of beige shadecloth on a painted gloss black steel frame.

The purpose of the project was to provide shade around  the swimming pool which  would complement the style of buildings and the pool on this smart rural property. Shade was wanted over only part of the pool so that the water did not become too cool but there was still  plenty of shade to escape the hot western sun and protect visiting grandchildren.

Only materials of the highest quality would do for this large 49sm umbrella structure supported by only one post. This umbrella is engineered to cope with stresses from the strong prevailing winds.

The owner was very particular about damage to his manicured grass so any machinery had to be driven over hired ground protection mats so as not to harm the grass or pavers.

An interesting outcome was the lighting effects from the umbrella. This was due to the soft colours used,  shadows along weld lines and the visual flows along the curves of of the umbrella.

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