Membrane Structures offer an infinite array of styles. Modern fabric textiles with features of strength, cleanability and longevity have changed how we identify the built world.

A Membrane Structure is where fabric is held in position by tension forces imposed by a structural framework. The fabric membrane may be  PVDF, PVC, Shadecloth, PTFE or ETFE. Unlike conventional roofing systems Membrane Structures can span large areas without supporting columns making them suitable for large scale projects including sports stadiums, airports, auditoriums, shopping centres and transport hubs.

Major global projects often provide inspiration for structures built on the local level.  Membrane Structures are flexible, shaping our everyday world by adapting to any budget and any style from global masterpeices to the smallest sail.  See how Membrane Structures can shape your world.


(Built by consortiums not associated with Abacus Shade Structures.)