Abacus Shade Structures receives National Acrreditation.
After years of consultation and research industry self regulation has finally arrived to the shade structure industry. In December 2014 Abacus Shade Structures received inaugural accreditation from its national body,The Specialised Textiles Association of Australia.

Rigorous compliance and background checks are carried out to ensure operators are working to the highest standards before being eligible for accreditation. After years of consultation and research Industry self regulation has arrived in the shade structure industry and Abacus Shade Structures is proud to receive accreditation from its national body The Specialised Textiles Association of Australia.

Government compliance and best practise can be difficult for the public to monitor when selecting a suitable contractor. This move to self regulation shows a willingness from within the industry that operators are ready to put their  skills, qualifications and experience on the table to be publically scrutinised. In turn this offers the public another means to chosing the best person for the job. Not everyone qualifies for accreditation.

Abacus Shade Structures encourages more shade structure operators, suppliers, designers and consultants to get onboard the self regulation train as accreditation will strengthen and benefit the entire industry long term.